Marriage counselling Brisbane

Are you looking for marriage counselling Brisbane? Red Hill Psychology assists couples in managing their relationship problems and providing them with the tool they need to resolve or overcome the root causes and experience a healthy relationship.

Are you experiencing relationship problems?

Most of us want to find a partner to share our lives with, and often we believe we have found the perfect mate. However every relationship experiences difficulties at times. Some may be minor stresses that are easily overcome, but sometimes these stresses seem insurmountable.

Marriage problems can be caused by a variety of reasons. These can include:

  • Neglecting the relationship due to work, parenting or other life demands
  • Conflict and criticism of one another
  • Failing to compromise or see things from your partner’s point of view
  • Withdrawing from both physical and emotional intimacy
  • Times of crisis such as job loss, health issues, infertility, or natural disasters

Does marriage counselling work?

Also known as couples therapy or relationship counselling, it is not just for married couples. Anyone experiencing a relationship breakdown can seek the assistance of a relationship counsellor. The question of whether or not it works is dependent on several factors. When both partners attend therapy sessions, they must do so with a willingness to participate, and work actively outside of counselling sessions to resolve or improve the relationship issues. Even if your partner does not wish to attend, you can still find value in attending counselling sessions alone.

What to expect from marriage counselling

Working with a relationship counsellor can assist you in understanding the cause of the relationship breakdown, and help you to find solutions to maintain a healthy marriage or relationship. The counsellor is an objective third party, which enables them to mediate the discussion, giving equal time for each person to express themselves and avoid the discussion breaking down into an argument. Having that neutral mediator present to guide you through your issues will help you make sense of what’s going on in the relationship, and give you the tools to find a resolution.

Marriage counselling techniques

A variety of techniques exist for relationship counselling. Elizabeth focuses on compassionate communication as a proven technique in existing couples towards a health marriage or relationship. Compassionate communication enables the couple to hear their own deeper needs both within themselves and within their partner, and to find a way to communicate those needs in a more positive, empowering and compassionate way.

Book an appointment

If you are struggling with marriage problems, or feel that you need relationship help, contact Elizabeth at Red Hill Psychology to book an appointment. Marriage counselling Brisbane is offered at Red Hill Psychology. Elizabeth offers in-person appointments as well a telephone and internet counselling services.

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